4 Reasons Why can't find a job


So you are a motivated, hardworking,experienced, ambitious professional and you've been looking for a new position for a little while now.

You've applied to dozens of applications and you might have even gone on a few interviews, but you still haven't landed a job offer.

Now, it's not that you don't have the technical qualifications, skills,experience and abilities to do the job.You have all of those things.But because it's been a while now that you still haven't landed a job offer,you're starting to think that perhaps there's something else going on that is stopping you from getting the jobs that you want.

1. looking for a job has become a chore, no longer an exciting endeavor for you.

When you first started your job search, you were probably super optimistic.You thought, I have a good background, I have good qualifications.It shouldn't take me too long to find a job.But now that it's been several months or longer, it might be over a year. At this point, you're starting to feel a decline in your confidence,in your optimism levels.You're not feeling great.And any time that you see a job that you want to apply to, you think to yourself, what's the point? I'm probably not going to get an interview anyway.If this is how you're feeling right now,you really need to truthfully ask yourself if this is going to help you, because you have to think if you're going to approach your job search with this sense of low level negativity,this energy, this tiresome energy,how do you think employers are going to respond if they actually did call you for an interview and you walked into the interview room, guess what's going to happen? You're going to go into the interview room feeling not confident. You're not going to be able to show your enthusiasm.You're not going to have that energy that you had in in yourself.You had that belief in yourself from before because you're probably going to keep second guessing yourself as you go through this.So you really need to reflect on this and ask yourself,am I finding it to be a chore? If it is a chore right now,you need to stop the process of looking for a job,at least just for a week.Just give it a break just for a week and get yourself back into alignment. You need to reenergize yourself.You need to get connected with yourself,because the purpose of you finding a new position is because you're ready for a change.You're ready to make a difference in your career for yourself. You're ready to make a move. You're ready to take on a new challenge.

2.You place all your hope in the next job interview.

Actually, if this is what's happening for you, where now, any time you get a job interview, you go into it thinking, is this the one?Is this the job?Will I get a job offer out of this?And you go into it with that almost desperate energy in front of the employer and they can feel that from you, trust me.Instead, it needs to feel like this is a game.

This is an exciting game for you where OK,I'm getting called in here.I'm getting called in there.I'm going to go in and I'm going to try to make a strong connection with the hiring manager because I know the process of connecting with the hiring manager, answering their questions.

Well, being able to showcase my value, that is what's going to lead to a positive result.But if all I'm thinking about is the outcome when I'm in the interview,I'm not focused on anything else.I'm not focused on making a connection.I'm just focused on the outcome.And I'm wondering if that question that they just asked me is going to determine my outcome. 

3.you feel very simply that you're not good enough.

whether you're just applying for the job online or you get a call from the interviewers or you're actually sitting in the interview room, inside of you, there is this voice of self-doubt,even though logically,you know that you have the qualifications,

the experience, the technical abilities to do the job, you are still swimming in your own uncertainty.

So even though you might be a good fit on paper because of the way that you are energetically presenting yourself in front of them, they're not going to be convinced that you're the one.

So what do you do to change that? How do you reverse the self-doubt? Well,one thing that you can start doing is to first identify your strengths. What are the things that you've been able to do in your previous roles that you just know for a fact that you can repeat in these organizations that you want to apply to?

What is a way that you can demonstrate that to them? How are the stories going to be told when you walk into that room, start envisioning yourself differently from how you've been seeing yourself. 

You've probably been looking at yourself as someone who just, you know,you can do it, but you can't.At the same time, you need to have a bit

more certainty of who you are,the value that you bring,because you have to realize that at the end of the day, looking for a job, there is going to be competition.

They're going to be other people that are up against you and they may have self-doubt as well. But if they know how to sell themselves,they know their value,they know their worth, then they're

going to likely beat you in the game.And so you really need to hone in on that.Ask yourself, what are my strengths? what are my achievements? what are my abilities truthfully?And then from there be able to demonstrate that to the employers. 

 4.You are not expressing professional presence.

So now that it's been a while that you've been looking for a job and you're stuck in their current job, you know,you probably have started the process of looking at others who are more successful than you,which is always not a good thing to do because you're comparing yourself to them.

But you compare yourself and you say, why is it that they have this sense of professional presence? this confidence within them that is just exuding from within them that I don't feel within myself. 

True confidence comes from knowing your own value, knowing your worth and believing in your own value and worth.So when it comes to a job search,you're going to go into the interview knowing that you have value to offer.You have abilities,skill sets and qualifications that you can contribute for their organization.And instead of going to the interview thinking, I hope they pick me in a desperate I'm less than kind of tone, you're going to go into the interview saying, I'm going to showcase my value,I'm going to showcase my worth,I'm going to demonstrate how I can contribute for them.And the right employer will connect with that and they'll be the ones to hire me.

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