5 Healthcare Jobs Without A Degree

5 healthcare jobs without a degree
Are you considering a career in health carecare and you're not exactly sure where to get started? Well, in this post, I'm going to tell you how you can. 
So in this post, I want talk about five jobs that can get you started in health care without a college degree. We're in a time of change right now where there is just so much going on. There are people losing their jobs, people are getting furloughed, businesses are closing, and people may possibly have to go back to the job market, go back to the drawing board and start looking for different job opportunities. And health care just always seems to be a safe option. There's always a demand for jobs and health care. So I wanted to give you guys five jobs in health care that you don't need a degree, just the completion of the certificate program and you could get back in the game.

 #1 Dental assistant. 

Dental assistants, they assist dentists with procedures and treatments. They do things like they take vital signs. They take X-rays and develop them. They also prepare and sterilize equipment as well. In order to become a dental assistant, you need a high school diploma and the completion of a certificate program. The average salary for a dental assistant is about thirty eight thousand dollars annually. If you like action, you like adrenaline. You like to get your blood flow and pump in and you like the you like to be hands on and out there. Then this is the job for you.

#2 Emergency medical technicians. 

They are trained medical responders who care for the critically ill and the critically injured. And in order to become an EMT, you complete a three month certificate program and you're ready to go. And the average salary for an EMT is about thirty four thousand dollars annually.

#3 phlebotomist.

 Phlebotomist take and draw blood for sampling and for blood transfusions. They assist patients and they also manage the sample. This certificate program is the shortest of the five I have listed. This is one of the fastest ways into health care. In order to become of phlebotomist, you need to complete a certificate program, which can be from a week, to month, depending on the health care program. The average salary is about thirty two thousand dollars annually for phlebotomist. They work in a number of different settings, from labs to hospitals to clinics and doctors offices.

#4 Surgical technologies. 

Surgical techs, they work in the OR with the surgeons and they provide tools and instruments to the surgeons. And they also prepare robotic and surgical instruments as well in order to become a surgical tech. This is the longest this takes about a year to two years, but it's also the highest paying that I have on this list. The average surgical tech means about forty seven thousand dollars annually. And imagine factoring overtime with this. You can make a pretty good career out of this particular role.

#5 Medical coder. 

What I say, coders are a wealth of knowledge. I mean, coders are a wealth of knowledge. What a coder does is they review the medical record and they generate the proper codes for insurance reimbursement purposes. Coders work in a number of different settings. They can work in the hospital, they could work in the clinics, they could work for insurance companies, and they can also work remotely. This is not a hands on job at all. There's no patient care required for this particular role. So they do work remotely. And this is a very high in demand job because everyone knows that insurance pays a huge factor in health care these days. And in order to become a coder, you need to complete a certificate program and the average salary for a coder is about forty thousand dollars annually.
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