5 Job Search Mistakes You NEVER Want To Make!


The five biggest mistakes that job hunters make are :

  1.Using a generic resume

It doesn't scream accomplishments, it doesn't demonstrate results. You're going to get a 15 second glance when an employer looks at that resume. So it's got to be concise, clear, no more than two pages. And it's got to say, here's the contributions I made. Here's what I increased or decreased or what did you save? Did you save time or money?That's going to be critical. 
So putting your effort into creating a top notch resume is something that you've got to do. 

  2.using a generic or no cover letter 

The number to mistake people are making they're not using a cover letter or worse, they're using a generic cover letter, something that doesn't have any specific or targeted information about how you can do that job you're applying for.
So make sure when you use one and always use one, there's no typos, no spelling errors, and that it's succinct and to the point. 

  3. not preparing for the interview. 

When you walk into that interview, you've got to wow them. And that means you've got to be dressed very professionally. You've got to have a great handshake, very firm, a good smile on your face, seem engaging and know how you're going to answer those tough, tricky questions you've got to have thought through in advance.
What are you going to say when they ask you questions such as why do you want to leave your current job or were you ever fired? Or a really favorite of a lot of employers is described to me your greatest weakness.
So you've got to be prepared. Think about that in advance. That's going to help you do exceedingly well in the interview. 

  4. not preparing intelligent questions 
people don't know intelligent questions that they should ask to impress the employer. So when they're in the interview, they waste the time to learn. Is this a good job for me? Do I want to work for them? Am I going to be able to work under this boss? Is that person's management style going to be OK for me? Am I going to be able to be productive underneath them? So intelligent questions that are going to impress them, such as can you explain more about the job duties? Or with the economy being more difficult in the budgets being reduced, how is it hurt or changed your department? Could you describe to me your management style and the people that are most productive working for you? I mean, if they describe that they're little Hitler, maybe you don't want to work for that person. 

  5.discussing money before a job offer is made 

 all the salary questions mess up a lot of people and whether it's in the cover letter, whether it's on the job application. Keep this in mind. Whoever mentions money first loses. 
You don't want to reveal what your salary was. So be prepared. Know what your skills are worth. Do some research. So you can figure out these are what my skills are worth. This is what I should be getting paid for my level of experience.
And then when the employer asks you what kind of salary that you're looking for, you can very nicely look at them and either got to  range or turn them and say, well, what's the range that this job pays? If you can avoid making these five job hunting mistakes, you're going to be way ahead of the competition.

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