3 part time jobs that pays well

I'm going to talk about three high paying part time jobs that you may not know about. And guess what? You can even do some of these from home.

 Well, we all know what's going on in the world and we all know that it is high time that we think of some more ways to bring in more income to our households. We can no longer afford to put all of our eggs into one basket. We need to start thinking about diversifying our income. 
I'am going to be giving you a lot of information, probably introducing you to some career paths that you've never heard of or maybe only know a little bit about. 
So let's start with number one. 

#1 mobile notary

You may not even have explored this opportunity, but it may be something that you definitely need to look into. Mobile notary is simply that you will be a notary that will get to travel to maybe your client's home or a specific location to sign very important documents or even to witness signatures of important documents such as wills and trust and all that. Even someone like a tattoo shops, if you have a minor. And in there they have to actually have the parent sign in front of a notary saying that, hey, that they can do this. You all people are making very good money, I mean legit, a full time income as a mobile notary and of course, it's an even higher demand now more than any other time, because a lot of the way that we used to do business has been adjusted, and not a lot of people are out in big congregations due to the way of the world.So becoming a mobile notary is in much higher demand because more people feel more comfortable doing things on a one on one basis instead of in a group or office type environment. what's becoming even more cooler is that some of this stuff can even be done onliine because of that very reason. A lot of your home buying processes, when you sit down at a table, you're signing those documents. Guess what? There's more than likely a mobile notary present to be able to sign off on the documents and also say that they witness your signature. So, again, this is definitely something that you need to really consider. There are people making six figures a year as a mobile notary and they completely built an entire business around it.
 Things have slowed down in our world, but some things have not changed. People are still buying homes and you have to have a notary present to get those documents signed. People still need wills and trusts and people still need to have those documents on and on and on.There are things still happening that require a notary. And if you can position yourself to be a mobile notary to provide these services, you are also positioning yourself to make some great income for yourself . 

#2 freelance writer.

 There are plenty of websites who want to give content to their consumers, but they are in need of people to write those articles, do the research, create the documents,and it is in high demand because we're all on our mobile devices today. No longer is the newspaper. The only way that we get our information no longer is the print magazine, the only way that we get our information eight to nine times out of ten, we are learning about different things, keeping up On what's going on in the world through online mediums, and these platforms are in need of writers, and that's where you come in. If you have a pension or passion to write, you know how to research, you know how to create some stunning articles,You stand to position to make some very good money because websites are being developed every single day and mediums need writers with a certain skill set to help their platforms continue to grow,and if you show that skill set, you will be hired. 
Now, this is a great opportunity for you to actually do this while being at home. I know a lot of you guys are home with the kids and some of you all are home due to maybe employment situations. So this is something that you can do from home. If you have a laptop, a computer, you enjoy writing. This is something that you definitely highly should look into. I also must note that you don't even have to have a college degree. All of these options don't need to have a college degree to be able to do it at all. All you have to do is just have a will . All you have to do is just be willing to learn a little bit about it. 

#3 Facebook ads manager. 

 Did you know that there are people whose job it is to help small businesses get their message in front of more people and a great medium that that is happening on is right on Facebook. And there are people who understand how the Facebook ad platform works, where a business owner can just focus on their business and creating a better situation for their company. They hire and outsource people to take what they do and issue it out so that more people can learn about it. And if you put yourself in a position to learn how to do it, they will be hiring you. And it's again, think about the way of the world right now. Nobody's checking their mailbox like that for advertising like they used to. Nobody's putting big money into magazines and print media and television like they used to. Everybody's looking to be more efficient, especially smaller businesses.. Every business in this world is not a billion dollar corporation. There are a lot of small businesses who want to advertise and get the message out and they're looking for more efficient ways to do it. And that is through Facebook

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